A Great Place for Novices to Start

One of my favorite places to shop for toys is JT’s Stockroom. I have found that they have a diverse selection of stock and seem to never have shoddy goods. I found out today that they own Kinklab. This where they focus on providing novices an easy entry into the world of BDSM. It is more of a brand of toys than a retailer, so look for it where you shop for your sex toys and feel comfortable that they are good stuff.

Kinklab is the beginner bondage toy line of world-renowned manufacturer, retailer, and distributor Stockroom, Inc. Created in response to a growing mainstream interest in and demand for fetish product, the line draws on Stockroom’s twenty-year history serving the needs of both wholesale and retail kink customers of all experience levels. Though they maintain The Stockroom’s reputation for premium quality leather and fine workmanship, Kinklab products are nevertheless value-priced to remain accessible to the curious beginner.

The Kinklab brand is carefully curated to include only items safe and intuitive to use for those who have little to no experience with BDSM; and all products are presented with a fresh, clean-cut aesthetic to attract a more mainstream customer who is adventurous but who doesn’t identify with a more traditional, black leather-and-chains bondage aesthetic or lifestyle. The elegantly packaged products are presented in ways that take the guesswork out of shopping for unfamiliar gear – compatible items are sold in kits, and packaging incorporates visuals and text to make items as self-explanatory as possible.

You can read about their most recent product announcement (a lube applicator) here.

Happy Holidays!


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