Review: the ENSO by Orpheus

16 03 2009

Life has conspired to prevent me from writing this review, but I feel that I owe this author a fair hearing on my blog (and perhaps a bit of publicity would not hurt either).

Orpheus Black is a Dominant from the LA (California) area, known for exciting scenes and creative fireplay. He has been a presenter at BlackBEAT in years past and did a facinating demo blowing fire across his demo bottom.

His first book, the ENSO, describes his philosophy on the Lifestyle and focuses on educating submissives on how to best process their submission. Often times a new submissive is conflicted in her desire to serve and the script that runs through her head. This book seems to be designed to help her process her duties and cope with the dichotomy that is our Lifestyle and the rest of the world.

His perspective is distinctly Japanese in origin, and focuses on a balance approach. One difference between this work and others I have encountered is the use of the parallel between a samurai warrior and a modern submissive as the framework for most of the books discussions. He talks about the roll of the sub as a Priest, a Warrior, and a Poet. It is an interesting read, and may prove very useful for the novice submissive.

For me though, the best part were his D/s Parables that you find toward the end of the book. These 10 stories I found to be very educational, and at night, I sometimes read these to my girl.

I have to say that my one complaint about the book is the price. At $25 $20 for a 75 page book, I would expect it to be leather bound or something. Being a paperback, I would expect it to be in the $8 or $10 price range. Still, if you can get over the price, I do think it would be an excellent addition to your house’s library.

You can find the ENSO for purchase online here.

Have you read the ENSO? if so, let me know in the comments.


Looking for Toys?

21 10 2008

I like nice toys.  I have a suitcase (and a bit more) full of them. One of the places I go to get some quality bondage gear (and they have other nice things too) is Mr. S Leather. Located in San Francisco and available though mail order, Mr. S Leather has become one of the old standards for gear in the Leather Lifestyle community.

I personally have shopped in their store, and frankly it was like heaven, being surrounded by all that gear. I find their merchandise to be of good or superior quality, and very durable and functional.

From their website:

For close to 27 years Mr. S Leather has been the world’s forerunner in the fetish industry. From it’s infancy there was a passionate and clear vision. This combined with an intense drive to bring the absolute best of the best in top quality bondage, leather, latex and electrical gear to its customers

Initially conceptualized by the infamous and fondly remembered Alan Selby, Mr. S Leather had its humble beginnings with only a handful of production and sales staff. Mr. S Leather could be best described as a ‘Leather Family’. Many companies today, selling or producing fetish gear and apparel over the years have fallen short of this mark. Having flooded the marketplace with flimsy designs and novelty items that weren’t functional and feigned at the image of the real leather scene. This was clearly not going to be the path of Mr. S Leather! Striving for perfection in both its craftsmanship and creative design produced legitimate and real working BDSM equipment and apparel that could not only stand the test of time, but the true test of Hard-Core Players, Playing Hard-Core!

Mr. S Leather was taken over in 1991 by Richard Hunter who himself was already an established legendary player in the world leather scene. He provided the new leadership and vision that re-invented the Mr. S Leather Company. The marketing and designs were transformed and directed by Richard and his production staff by looking towards the future and opening up the business to a broader market by moving away from the ‘70’s Leather Clone’ image.

Hope you guys find these reviews helpful. Let me know in the comments


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