Leaving Your Sub Alone = Bad Idea

I wish people would get a clue. Another person dies because his domme left him alone while she went to take a shower.

Prosecutors say the 47-year-old man died of asphyxiation after the 58-year-old woman left him bound and gagged and went to have a shower.

She taped his mouth shut and tied him to a post using rope and a dog chain.

People need to get a clue. Never leave a bound person alone, PERIOD!!!


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One thought on “Leaving Your Sub Alone = Bad Idea

  1. oh my god. I can’t believe she had the temerity to DENY the charges. And at least it was ONLY manslaughter and not MURDER. I mean, she INTENTIONALLY tied him up and left him. I’d want a murder charge just because leaving him was STUPID. . . STUPID STUPID STUPID. I mean, she is COMPLETELY responsible for his death – he didn’t tie himself up and walk away, now did he?

    I mean, he was there for PLEASURE. . . and I’m going to assume that there was none once he realized he was going to die. . . that suffering alone (sigh). . . awful 😦

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