Another Sad Death Due to Unsafe BDSM Practices

I have always tried to espouse safety when partaking S&M behavior.  No matter how much pleasure we receive from an act, we must stop before we harm the ones we love or ourselves. We have too may people depending upon ourselves.

This brings us to the latest tale of a father who died from sadomasochistic behaviors.

A father-of-three who had a fetish for bondage and sado-masochism, died after inhaling chloroform through a biological warfare mask, an inquest heard today.

Christopher Harris from Newport, South Wales, was found dead in the bedroom of his home on the city’s Cardiff Road with the Soviet Union military issue mask still attached on October 28 last year.

Ok, here is the truth. Never play by yourself. This is the main way people die doing what it is that we do. If your a dominant NEVER LEAVE YOUR SUB ALONE during a scene.  That is all you have to remember.


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