Sad News about BlackBEAT Conference

There is some sad news about BlackBEAT this year. Changes for Black BEAT 09! Unfortunately, we couldn’t BEAT the economy, even though we had high hopes. Record low registration did not afford us the opportunity to produce the annual conference in a manner befitting to our family. Thus, we must inform you that Black BEATContinue reading “Sad News about BlackBEAT Conference”

Attend BlackBEAT For Free This Year

Here are the details: Essay Contest & Scholarship Never attended a Black BEAT Conference? Playful Fashions, proudly announces it’s second Essay Contest Scholarship for one creative person to attend Black BEAT 09!  The winner will receive a general registration scholarship/package ( $150 value) to attend Black BEAT 09’s Caribbean Theme Conference, August 13-16 in Maryland. *PLEASE NOTE: Travel, Lodging, Ground Transportation, and all otherContinue reading “Attend BlackBEAT For Free This Year”

BlackBEAT 08 Keynote by Mistress Max Rulz

At BlackBEAT this year we had an amazing keynote address from Mistress Max Rulz.  I am reposting it here with permission in its entirety. You can read more about her here. I have been informed this link was no longer current. The answer to the question can we all just get along? Is no! MostContinue reading “BlackBEAT 08 Keynote by Mistress Max Rulz”

Family Reunion

Sir and I are back from attending my second and his fifth BlackBEAT.  This was our first as a couple and it was wonderful.  We got there very early Thursday morning (2:30am) and Sir was exhausted.  Such an awesome man he is, drove all the way from his home to the event and back again (7Continue reading “Family Reunion”

Back from BlackBEAT and Some Thoughts

My girl and myself returned home from BlackBEAT yesterday, and spent some time together decompressing.  We left late Sunday, after delaying our departure to witness a beautiful collaring ceremony. It is good to see such things, if you get a chance to witness one, I reccomend that you do. After returning from this conference, IContinue reading “Back from BlackBEAT and Some Thoughts”