The Clothes Pins Game.

Came up an interesting game to play with esclave, and I thought I would share.

  1. Start with a large quantity of clothes pins (depends on your sub, I recommend at least 50 to start).
  2. The dominant records a number and seals it in an envelope. The number should be less than the number of clothes pins.
  3. The submissive the places clothes pins on her body, one at a time. (I also recommend that a 10 second or more delay is required between each clothes pin.)
  4. If the submissive places more clothes pins on her body than the number that the dominant has recorded, then she gets a prize.
  5. If she places equal to are less than that number….

You can vary the rules some. Assigning mandatory places for pins (they don’t put them there, they loose), allow certain pin placements to have more value, etc.

Let me know what you think of this game in the comments.


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