Don’t Stop the Music

Scene music is very important for setting the tone and mood of a scene. It can be very evocative, causing the bottom to go where you want them to go. Personally, I find that using music with words can distract the bottom and make them less connected to the scene. But that may be what I want to do with them. But sometimes the lyrics take the one you are with down a path they might not have expected .

Pick something you like, something with a good beat (will help you keep the flogging at a steady pace, which will help your bottom transition to subspace). Make sure that you are familiar with the music though, if you are listening to a cd/mp3 for the first time, you might be hesitant or erratic in your play. Relax. Have fun.

If you want a unique experience with scene music (and probably some of the coolest I have ever heard), then you have to check out the dungeon at BlackBEAT.

Here are some of my favorites:

Music Comments
Soundtrack to Aliens Evokes fear, spooky and eerie
Soundtrack to Warcraft Good beat, easy to play with, a bit different
NIN: Pretty Hate Machine Primal beat, sweet music
Anything by Enigma Traditional in most dungeons but still good.
Anything by Enya More standard scene music

What are your favorites? Post below and let me know.

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