The New Cell Block

Looks like the Cell Block’s Lair is reopening in Fayetteville. I haven’t been there myself yet, but the feedback I have gotten has been positive. Looks like they have remodeled and are re-opening on April 12th. They are also having a BDSM swap meet that night. Their website is a little sparse (and a littleContinue reading “The New Cell Block”

Something for the Rest of Us.

I ran across the news of a hotel with a difference.  I have heard of the BDSM hotels in the Netherlands, but here is a twist in England. A new boutique hotel at a seaside resort in northwest England is to offer guests a sex toy minibar when it opens later this year, its ownerContinue reading “Something for the Rest of Us.”

Woman dies during S&M scene

I found an interesting story out of  Canada about a woman who died during a scene.  Just to remind you be careful out there. Police say Josée-Julie M[edited], a Montreal resident, died Saturday at a home in a bedroom community just southeast of Montreal. Investigators say they seized objects that appear to be intended forContinue reading “Woman dies during S&M scene”

Update on S&M (pay) Club Fiasco

An update on the story: A retired math teacher from Quebec survived near-fatal sex play at a midtown bondage club but couldn’t tell investigators how he was injured, law enforcement sources said Monday. The 64-year-old thrill-seeker had been found turning blue, hanging in a dungeon room at the Nutcracker Suite on E. 33rd St. FridayContinue reading “Update on S&M (pay) Club Fiasco”

Unknown man hospatilized after being suspeded at an (pay) S&M club.

Ok, in case you don’t know, you never leave anyone unattended if they are either tied up or hanging (of course if they think they are alone…..). For the full story click here. An unidentified patron of a Midtown S&M club who was bound and suspended from a ceiling while wearing women’s high heels andContinue reading “Unknown man hospatilized after being suspeded at an (pay) S&M club.”