All You Gotta Do Is Say Yes

While listening to “Say Yes” by Floetry a thought hit me…my mind wanders in funny tangets sometimes towards clarity. In the video the lady is writing about how the guy makes her feel and the man was drawing a picture of her.  Both in seperate seats, both thinking about each other. The Chorus of theContinue reading “All You Gotta Do Is Say Yes”

Where Will Master Void Be?

I’m glad you asked.  I will be presenting at the Burke Educational Group in June on electrical play. I quite enjoy playing with electricity, although esclave can generally leave it. Not that she get that choice often. There is a physical and a psychological aspect to the play you don’t get with some other typesContinue reading “Where Will Master Void Be?”

Master Black Zeus’ Conference

I haven’t mentioned this in a while, but Master Black Zeus runs a twice weekly conference, on  Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is usually very informative. A great (and gentle) introduction into aspect of the lifestyle. It is open to all.  I think you would enjoy it, and I do enjoy attending myself.  Thursday this week,Continue reading “Master Black Zeus’ Conference”

Earned Leather…

I’m a slow learner, slow talker, and slow thinker.  I have to take time to contemplate things to really understand them. For some reason I have been contemplating  someone’s questioning on whether they should keep the leather they earned.  Sitting here writing about a completely different lesson about my personal journey the below just becameContinue reading “Earned Leather…”