Earned Leather…

I’m a slow learner, slow talker, and slow thinker.  I have to take time to contemplate things to really understand them.

For some reason I have been contemplating  someone’s questioning on whether they should keep the leather they earned.  Sitting here writing about a completely different lesson about my personal journey the below just became clear to me.

Leather is personal.  It can be earned through a set of instructions given to you by someone but it is what you put into those lessons that make it earned.  Completing the instructions are secondary to your personal journey.  It is like the sensei talking to the pupil, try and grab the grasshopper from my hand.  The goal was not to grab the grasshopper but I imagine it was for the pupil to learn why he wanted the grasshopper, what would he gain by completing that task, what will happen after he completed the task, how completing that task will change, affect, grow their life, etc.  It is the process of earning leather not the destination.   It is yours, earned through your lessons learned and no one can take that from you.

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submissive to Master Void

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