Thoughts On My Upcoming Marriage


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This time next week I will be married to my slave. For myself, this isn’t a big deal for the most part. It simplifies many of the legalities, though it may complicate finding a second slave. Or not. It is not something I can control, so I choose not to worry about  it.


For my girl, it has been something that meant more than she realized. It has taken away her ability to focus on her duties to me and at work. We are working on this. I have noticed that at each stage of our relationship, she reverts her behavior because she loose her focus on the role, instead she focuses on the event. But in reality, the event just is a marker for our relationship, and without the proper focus on the role, our relationship is meaningless. Well not quit meaningless, but the meaning is more aligned with the mundane world. It takes us out of the Master and slave roles we have committed to.

So, I have to renew my efforts in our relationship. I cannot allow my love for her to cloud my duty to her, to us really. Without our commitment to each other, to ourselves and to our chosen roles, the rest is meaningless.


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