BrideZilla…Not allowed

As I mentioned last week Master and I are getting married…yay…really really soon…yay but argh.

Master said small ceremony big family reception.    Fine with me.  I think it would really be special if the ceremony included him, me  and the children.  Very personal…very special.

Planning this however has taken me through some changes.    I am feeling pressure in planning the menu, finding a dress, finding a location and finding someone to marry us.  I have been slowly freaking out and acting like a bridezilla as opposed to Master’s slave.  With the pressure of the fast approaching deadline, i have found myself being snappish, a bit short and whiny.  I haven’t lost my mind totally and snapped on Master, though as he has two friends that I don’t want to meet (Mr. Cranky and Mr. Sparky…electricity bad….lol)  Master said to me yesterday that basically I need to get a grip and remember some perspective.

What I need to remember is that Master’s directives outweigh my tendency to want to go overboard.  Small ceremony.  Master’s slave first.


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2 thoughts on “BrideZilla…Not allowed

  1. This is a great resource: The book is a great place to start and the website and it’s associated forums are some very cool places to get ideas on how to do it the way you two want it, as opposed to the way “tradition” says. And they have some great Wedding Porn.

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