How not to negotiate: I will not be in a long distance relationship

I am going to attempt to write this and hopefully it won’t come across as sounding full of regret.

When I met Master I was in a relationship with someone who was on the other side of US in the Pacific Northwest.  This relationship was really hard as I am the type of person who needs regular physical contact.  I am not much of a talker but physical contact gives me energy.   I like to snuggle and give random hugs and kisses and just touch a hand.   Also, I like to have sex with someone over having sex alone.  The interaction and energy exchange from bodies touching.  I like seeing the pleasure on my Master’s, seeing his body flushed from excitement, kissing his lips while we exchange breath.  Sinking into one another…his pleasure is my pleasure.

So having someone hours and hours away I realize is not good for me.    Besides that’s how relationship were supposed to be to me.  So after my relationship broke up while I was talking with Master I said I cannot do a long distance relationship.  Our goals included me moving to be closer to him which is why I continued to get to know him.  So a year after my collaring I  was supposed to move to be with him.

But, life got in the way big time.  Master and I met right around the time the financial and housing industry was exploding and the hardest areas hit were the areas where he lived.  Unemployment sky rocketed all over and jobs were non-existent.  So my moving with my family down there was put on hold and unfortunately, neither one of us knew when stuff would change.

So here I am in an unintentional long distance relationship.  The difference with this relationship is that we are in a relationship in which both of us are determined for it to work.  One thing that helps is that he is also here with me.   So we both have taken turns coming to see each other.  I can say that since we have been together we have seen each other every 5-6 weeks.  I think because of the distance we talk about everything and because we are in a M/s hierarchy it really forces me to continue to be open.   It has not been easy not being with him all the time but I think the times when we are together are much more special because of the distance.

My words of wisdom…never say never.  My view of a relationship was of two people being together 24/7 but relationships are engineered by the people involved in them.  They should not be defined by others ideas.

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