How not to negotiate: Sucks to be you

I remember early on in our relationship Master’s response to my saying something that I did not want to do was “well sucks to be you”.  I would laugh because in my mind it was a joke.  Of course he would take into account everything and pay attention to my feelings.

As time went on though he would continue to say it and I found it less and less funny.  I mean seriously, he would say, “girl, my and Mr. Sparky (the stun gun) want to play with you tonight”.  I would say I HATE Mr. sparky and don’t want to play.  He would well sucks to be you.  (picture me mean mugging).

To me it meant that my words meant nothing when in reality and after the fact I realized that Master continuing to be the Master even through  my objections was what is making our relationship stronger.   I am better in some instances than others with submitting to his guidance.  (It takes time for me to submit fully to Master and in some situations it is easier than others).

He listens to me and understands and asks my advice for things but he is always the Master.  When I am mad or sad or need some correction it is done as my Master.  Our relationship is always M/s and even when I want it to be something else or step back his consistency actually helps me remain safe and secure in my place as his slave.

Now when he says “sucks to be you”.  I don’t get upset I realize it is another opportunity for me to  surrender.

My words of learning:  Submission takes time

Thoughts, comments?  Feel free to share.

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