Event Security

I have something of a reputation involving security at BDSM events. I have served as the director of security for BlackBEAT the previous 2 years, and will be serving again this year.  Recently I was asked to serve at a local event for CLOAK.  This got me thinking about event security, and I thought I would share some tips that has made me successful at what I do.

  1. Know the event details.  In order to provide security at an event, one must know the details of what the event offers.  Special concerns of the events attendees. Will there be nudity? Who can use cameras? What are the issues about Cell phones?  Last year, BlackBEAT had a wild west theme, so I had to let everyone know that firearms, real or not, were not allowed at the hotel.
  2. Know the layout of the building. Get a map of the building if possible.  If not, walk about the area your even will be taking place in.  Know the placement of the doors and windows in each class room.  Be sure that the blinds are closed, to prevent people from peaking in for a free show.
  3. Presence is important.  It is important that your security staff are clearly identifiable and always present, but you do not want to seem threatening. Make sure that the staff knows what to do when vanilla members of the public show up.  Additionally important is how to handle a forgotten or lost badge.
  4. Your staff is often the face of the event.  A lot of times security is called upon for directions to nearby restaurants, locations of the smoking areas, and the restroom. While not strictly part of our job, it does make for a better overall event impression.  The little touches count.
  5. The hotel staff are your friends.  Remember, your event is paying a lot of money to use the facilities.  The hotel staff wants you to be happy.  Often times you may be a point of contact, should the event coordinator be unavailable.  Be sure that they know who you are.

I hope this helps you with your next event.  Please feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.


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