Making Time for Play

Just a random thought today.  I seem to always be learning something about myself.  I looked in my email this morning and my horoscope that i receive from is about making time for play.

Here is a part of it:

A serious and dogmatic mood can prompt you to approach existence in an extremely formal fashion today. If you are called upon to deliver a presentation or express your opinions, your tone may be formal and emotionless, and you may make less of an impression as a result. This can be a good time to remind yourself that being human need not be a wholly serious enterprise. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that people respond more positively to you when you address them playfully rather than authoritatively. Opportunities to enjoy yourself can present themselves to you today—taking advantage of them will likely help you relax and unwind.

Part of my dynamic with Sir is protocol.  Protocol to me means formality.  Formality to me is serious all the time.  So when I am serving  Sir formally and informally I tend to be very serious.   My demeanor changes and my face gets serious…no smiling or laughing.  Just seriousness.   I wonder though if by me being so serious people do not  don’t see the joy in me or that I have by being Sir’s. I feel such passion and intensity by being Sir’s.  This is my bliss being with Sir but there is no reason why I can’t show the happy side of me serving Sir. 

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