Polyamory May Have Benefits

27 08 2008

I found this article while surfing today.  Seems that Poly may have benefits for the male in the relationship:

Research suggests that men from polygamist cultures live 12 per cent longer than those who limit their affections to one woman at a time.

It is thought men benefit from having a fuss made over them by a gaggle of women.
They may also better care of themselves into old age when they have a large family to feed, this week’s New Scientist reports.

This seems to be interesting.  Of course it leaves several questions.  It seems to focus on one male and many females, but there are other options.  Do the results hold?  One thing seems clear though:

It is my girl’s duty to find me more booty.

For health reasons of course.




One response

28 08 2008
MV's angel~

giggles and sings…it’s my duty to find my Sir some booty

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