Family Reunion

Sir and I are back from attending my second and his fifth BlackBEAT.  This was our first as a couple and it was wonderful.  We got there very early Thursday morning (2:30am) and Sir was exhausted.  Such an awesome man he is, drove all the way from his home to the event and back again (7 hours each way).

We had such a wonderful time being with family because that is what it felt like…family.   An awesome woman (Mistress Max Rulz) gave our keynote speech for this meeting and she said that we should consider ourselves part of a family.  Which meant to me that we may not accept or even approve of everything each of us does in this lifestyle but just like a family we love each other anyway.  

I had an awesome time serving Sir and just being with him.  I have learned that my time with him need not be rushed with me acting like the perfect slave.  There is no need for me to rush this process of us becoming Master and slave as this is an ongoing life process. 

It was very grounding for me to meet others who live this style of their lives and to make connections in some way with many.  Before Sir and I left to come home we stopped over at one final gathering and had the chance to relax before saying goodbye to our friends.  I couldn’t help but cry at the comfort and acceptance i felt there.  We were all sitting around on the front porch laughing and joking and reliving moments at BlackBEAT.  It was just like a family reunion.

If you want to attend a lifestyle event I say save up and attend BlackBEAT 09, I promise you it will be worth it.

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