This post is for all the little girls…you know how you are…giggles

I had to run some errands today and just as I was leaving the house it started to rain.  What a bummer as I had to walk quite a ways from my home.  So I put up my umbrella and tried to not get completely wet, oh did i mention that it was pouring down rain with wind blowing sideways…lol  So by the time I got to the store I was soaking wet from my shorts down.  I was walking into the store soaking wet and my shoes were so wet i was literally walking on water…LOL

I did my errands and was walking back home and it was still raining.  The funniest thing started to happen, as I was walking I started laughing and felt happy.  I started to splash my feet in the puddles and started to giggle as I was doing it.  I got completely wet this time…LOL  Of course I had to control myself when people would walk pass me because I didn’t want them to look at me weird but it was so much fun.

i got a chance to splash in the puddles and play in the rain and it gave the little girl in me a chance to be free.   Anyone want to go play…giggles

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3 thoughts on “Playing

  1. Just reading that made me giggle.

    I still assault puddles when it rains and find myself giggling for no reason when I’m supposed to be quiet/serious. Even for all the trouble it gets me in, no regrets 🙂

  2. assaulting puddles…giggles…i love it.

    yeah i had no regrets either…i came home and my family was like ummm Mom what happened to you did the umbrella break…LOL

  3. My mom taught us the power of puddle-dumping at an early age. . we were encouraged to go play in the rain (but NOT encouraged to track much and crud through the house). There’s nothing like a bunch of teen-agers and adults kicking around through the puddles barefoot and having a good time 😀

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