Fetish Fashion Show

8 04 2008

Well today has gotten to a late start. I have something to share with you from the Fetish Fashion show.

The Triangle Munch Group is planning the 5th annual Fetish Fashion Show for May which will take place on Saturday, May 3, 2008 from 3-6pm (volunteers will need to plan on arriving earlier). This event will benefit NCSF. In order to pull this off we need a some volunteers. Here is a list of what/who is needed to make this event a success:

I am still seeking and accepting the following:

1. Donations of items that can be used either in a silent auction or raffle.

2. Models: At this point you must have your own clothes to wear.

Qualifications for a model:

1. Availability on May 3rd from 1-7pm (there will be a QUICK run through from 1-3 and time for preparation)

2. Willingness to “show off” clothes to a group (come on, I KNOW we have some exhibitionists out there *wink*)

Here are some of the types of clothes I am looking for:

A. What ever you would wear to a kink related event (socials, parties, large events)

B. Leather/pleather

C. Lace

D. Uniforms


F. Latex

G Corsets

H Chainmail

G Other: cross-dressing, shoes etc….

*NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list by any means. So if you have an idea that is not listed feel free to email me.

If you make or sell clothes and are interested in vending please contact me.


TMG Team Member

Fetish Fashion Show Coordinator

NCSF CP Representative for TMG


Ok, I forgot the link, the TMG website is here. I seems to be down as of this min, hopefully it will be up soon.



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16 04 2008
Fetish Fashion Show — Goth and Rock blog

[…] to a late start. I have something to share with you from the Fetish Fashion show…. source: Fetish Fashion Show, Welcome to the House of […]

30 04 2008
Nefarious Nymph Nina

To whom it may concern:

I would be interested in Modeling at the Fashion Show. I am a size 8 and in great physical condition. I wouldn’t mind purchasing an outfit and wearing it for the event. Something along the lines of a black lace dress would be nice with fishnet stockings. You can view a picture of me on collarme.com. My handle is Nefarious Nymph

Kindest regards,


30 04 2008

Well, I am by no means connected in anyway to the Triangle Munch group (good group, but I live way to far away). I would recommend that you contact them directly via their website (Which I seem to have been a dunce and left off, I will fix)


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