Esclaves Late Birthday Present

I thought I would share with you the corset I recently purchased for esclave.  I had it made especially for her from this website. I am looking forward to putting it on her the next time I see her. Personally I find corsets to be very sexy. I have even been known to do some extreme corset tightening as a scene.  Anyway, here is a pic of the corset. I find corsets to be a kind of bondage you can wear in public.

esclaves corset

Let me know what you think about corsets in the comments. Or maybe you have something special you like your sub to wear?


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I am an over 50-year-old Lifestyle Master living near Charlotte, NC.

3 thoughts on “Esclaves Late Birthday Present

  1. I should say that it was late because 1) it was custom made and 2) esclave got me the measurements way later than I had asked for them.

  2. Jealous. that’s all I’ve got to say. That is absolutely beautiful. As are all the corsets I checked out on the site. One of these days I’ll have the $$ to get my own (dammit) :}

    Happy Birthday, btw!!!!

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