I love to write but sometimes I have a hard time getting my words out and i tend to second guess myself. Sir asked me to post for Him tonight so I attempted to write something that I have been thinking about. I hope you enjoy it.mvs1eslave


She was so nervous about what was going to happen…but she was also extremely excited. This was only their second time. Their first time was quick and painful and a bit awkward. This time she didn’t think it would be quick but definitely painful.

He looked at her she shivered. He said strip and come here. She stripped down to her panties and came close to him. He grabbed her arm and smacked her and smacked her, twice. Not the gentle pat of a lover but the smack of a sadist putting his slave in her place. She melted. Her focus was on Him, just as he intended. He pushed her back onto the cross and turned her around reached up and fastened the cuffs onto her wrists and ankles put the blindfold over her eyes and then stood back. She waited and wondered. He moved behind her, she felt his breath on her neck. He growled that primal growl that makes her feel like his prey and then he pounced…pushing against her body and moving the cross.

She screamed…he moved away from her. Smack…his hand hitting her ass. Over and over again he hit her…harder and harder until her ass was nice and tender. Smack…not from his hand but from his paddle. She screamed. He put his hand against her shoulders and pushed her back against the cross and gave her a few more swaps from his paddle. He stopped and moved back to his toy bag. She caught her breath to adjust herself. The feeling from the delicious pain seeping through her body, warming her, exciting her. She breathed deeply as she felt his next toy…his flogger…not one but two. He hit her with both of them occasionally wrapping them. She screamed more, she came…unaware of anything but him. He pounced on her again…growling in her ear keeping her unbalanced and off guard.

She was weak when he finally finished with her. Gently he held her as he took the cuffs off of her wrist and ankles. He held her close as he walked back towards the couch to sit and cradle her on his lap. Someone came and put a blanket around both of them and she snuggled closer…loving him even more.

Published by esclave

submissive to Master Void

2 thoughts on “Playtime

  1. (throwing out Penthouses) Always up for new reading material 😀 Good job! It’s descriptive, but in titillating that us oddball main-streamers can enjoy too. Again, not for me, but, gotta admit. . . it brings up a “well. . . . maaayyyybeeeee” 🙂

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