Something for the Rest of Us.

I ran across the news of a hotel with a difference.  I have heard of the BDSM hotels in the Netherlands, but here is a twist in England.

A new boutique hotel at a seaside resort in northwest England is to offer guests a sex toy minibar when it opens later this year, its owner said Monday.

The Vincent Hotel, in Southport, near Liverpool, will have “intimate seduction kits” in each of its 60 rooms from May, containing lubricating gel, massage oil, a vibrating ring and two condoms.

The kit will be in a sealed box alongside more traditional minibar items like nuts, chocolate and alcohol. Guests can request an extra special kit containing a whip, mask and bondage tape.

Is this something you would use? Let us know in the comments.


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2 thoughts on “Something for the Rest of Us.

  1. Only if I could be assured that these items were one-time-use items. Thinking that a mask has been on a bunch of different faces. . . well, I’m not germaphobic by ANY means, but I’m also not going to line myself up for anything (even the sniffles). I mean, it’s one thing to CHOOSE to,say, eat or drink after someone (ie: hey, that looks good, let me try it), but not knowing the previous users. . . that’s different. Otherwise, yes – I think it’s an awesome idea (and would save me some packing, dammit)

  2. Goddamn right I would! I’d take ’em and resell them as “gift packs” to aspiring couples as if I were Alfred Kinsey! Awesome movie, btw. Liam Neeson makes out and has sex with Peter Sarsgaard. Hawt.

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