Ok, I don’t know how I missed this site before (perhaps because while I like Leather, and I hang sometimes with Leather, I am definitely not Leather). I ran across this fantastic site the other day while in FetLife. This site is Leatherati. What is Leatherati? In their own words:

Leatherati launched in 2009 after a long (and productive!) gestation in the minds of Loren Berthelsen and Alex Lindsay. Sensing a gaping hole in the informatosphere for things leathery, but not adult-rated, the duo leveraged their long-standing involvement in the leather community to bring you the most comprehensive leather content site available today. Leatherati explores our unique lifestyle of contests and titleholders, travel and events, dining and drinking, entertainment and shopping and of course, news and opinion.

There was an article talking about the importance of fund raising and Leather contests. It gave the history and asked if maybe there was too much emphasis on how much money a person can raise when it may be better done elsewhere and at the cost of other excellent attributes.

If you want to learn a bit about where we come from (admittedly there is more to the story than leather, but it is a big part of it) then I would suggest you do what I plan on doing and spend a few days at the site reading their posts. Truly excellent content.


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