Fetlife Decides to Appologize

John Baku, the founder and owner of FetLife, issued an apology for the banning of some individuals earlier this week. I think this is an excellent step forward for this site, and a view of the character of the person behind the site.  Now frankly, I am not sure what happened, but it is goodContinue reading “Fetlife Decides to Appologize”

FETLIFE: A Review.

A while back, I decided to give Fetlife a try. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it is a site for those of us interested in BDSM. Kind of a BDSM friendly MySpace or FaceBook. Initially, I was underwhelmed. It was slow, there wasn’t much of a community. I was disappointed. But I keptContinue reading “FETLIFE: A Review.”