To Slaves: Yes you Have a Choice

Ok. I saw something on FetLife today that really annoyed me. A slave essentially said the following: It isn’t my choice to do this, my Master made me do this. Bull-fucking-shit. Yes slaves, unless you are brain-damaged or brainwashed, it is your choice. It may not be your preference but you choose every day toContinue reading “To Slaves: Yes you Have a Choice”

FetLife and Chat: Feeling Betrayed

So ever since James announced chat coming to FetLife I’ve felt betrayed. I recall vividly John Baku saying that Chat would not come to FetLife. That there would never be a way to show who is online. This was a different experience than other sites. A fun place to get your kink on. A placeContinue reading “FetLife and Chat: Feeling Betrayed”

The New But Not Improved FetLife Feed

OK, I am giving my ideas about the FetLife feed on my own page.  I have made some changes to the graphics to protect the innocent. (As if any of my FetLife friends are innocent, LOL.) Before I launch into the negatives, lets talk about what they got right. The first thing that I likeContinue reading “The New But Not Improved FetLife Feed”