Power Exchange

12 03 2012

I have heard many times that slaves get their pleasure out of serving their Master.  They want nothing for themselves except to serve their Masters.   LOL

Okay maybe I shouldn’t laugh but I find that funny sometimes.  When taken out of context this seems like the slave is the Madonna in the relationship.  She is such a self sacrificing person.  Always thinking of others.  Such a saint.

Okay enough sarcasm.

I am of the mind that slaves do get something out of being in a Power Exchange relationship.  (My opinion is solely from the standpoint of a slave being in a relationship where she is collared by a Master).

I believe the slave gets satisfaction from more than serving the Master.  I believe the slaves true pleasure and satisfaction comes from the Power exchange in the relationship.  In particular the Master’s control.

Serving, obeying, etc. is a by product of this relationship.

What do you think?

Service Book of Days 1/11/10

11 01 2010

v Outside my window… (weather, what do you hear, what do you see?)  it is dark tonight.  I got home a little bit late due to work and the gym.  Eventhough it was cold out it was not as brutal cold as it has been.

v my thoughts…are positive.  I am living in my present…not someone elses.

v Today’s Quote… When you relinquish the desire to control your future, you can have more happiness.      Nicole Kidmanin The Scotsman

I know I put this in for last week but I am still meditating on this and will leave it for another week.

v i am thankful for…for my family.  For being able to live life out loud J

v From my service training…(any skills, training etc; notes you want to share this week) Grace.    Speaking respectfully but openly.  This is harder than it seems because I have had to make sure my words are not accusatory.  So something I would normally say, such as you do this, is changed to say

v From the kitchen…(menu for the week, what are you cooking?)  Have not bought my new crockpot yet.  I am going to check around some garage sales…maybe I can find one.  I have started my goal of teaching my kids how to really cook a meal as opposed to popping  something in the microwave.

v i am wearing…my workout cloths.  Keeping true to my goal of not gaining my winter blubber…LOL    So far so good on the fitness goal.  I did not gain weight over the holiday break and I am still feeling good (backwise) J

v i am creating…(crafts, sewing etc;)  I am a work of art being molded and formed by Master.

v my adventures this week…(where are you going this week?)  No adventures this week.  Getting back into the groove or being at work fulltime.

v Becoming well read…(What are you reading this week?)  Okay, I have been taking the easy way out of actually holding a book and have been listening to books on the iphone Master gave to me.    My most recent podiobook was about an internet company being bought out by Zombinc.  Zombinc employees Zombies only.    LOL

v i manifest and co-create…(what are your hopes, dreams, and prayers this week) Peace and tranquility in my house and with my children.

v Today’s Melody…(what music are you listening to? even if it’s just the sound of a bird…) Was listening to a really funky house beat while working out.  Then started listening to Incognito.

v One of my favorite things… has become the endorphin rush from working out.  I always love to just get out doors and run.  Such a freeing experience.  There is always a challenge to be met in running so I never get bored of it.  I am glad that with my physical limitation I can get back outside and run.

v further plans for this week…Continuing to fix the house to sell.  It has been extremely windy on the east coast and such wind tore pieces of siding from my house.  Sighs…something else to add to the list.

v Still….life(share a picture you’ve taken OR a picture you found online that speaks to you)

Want to start something different for the new year.  Here are the directions:

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