New Novel Release

10 03 2009

Being an active member of the S&M community, I sometimes have interesting things find their way into my inbox.  Today I found this:

I have a new novel out, and this is the website to purchase it from: Kemi-Ka

The novel is entitled, “Chronicles of the Nubian Underworld: The Awakening”

E-book, paperback, and hardcover versions will be available to purchase.

I am writing under the pseudonym Shakir Rashaan…

Happy reading, and thank you for your support….

Here is a synopsis of the novel: Read the rest of this entry »

1763 – A Decadent Address

19 06 2008

In Hotlanta there is a wonderful place called 1763. From what I hear it is a great place for Lifestylers to go and have our kind of fun. I have not yet had a chance to check it out, but soon my esclave will be here and we can go there.  They offer either a 12 or 6 month membership, or you can just pay 5 dollars for a 1 time membership (info here).

On June 29th, they are having all day educational event that looks good. Whips, Electricity and CBT.  If you are going to be in the Atlanta area that weekend I would check it out.

Anybody have any experience at 1763?  Then leave your thoughts in the comments.


Atlanta Bound 2008

14 03 2008

Sometimes it difficult to find something to write about, sometimes it falls in your lap. I was pondering what to post today when an email came about Atlanta Bound 2008. It is held at 1763, in my opinion the premier dungeon in the southeast. A gathering of kinky folk where you can focus on learning about BDSM.

An educational weekend comprising of more than 7 bondage classes and suspension classes, photography classes, a photo shoot day, 3 parties including a 7 hour play party @ America’s largest dungeon, a fetish art showing featuring Atlanta’s top fetish artist, A Book signing by David Lawrence and more!


When: March 28th ,29th and 30th 2008

Who: Anyone with an interest in bondage, ropes, parties and educational offerings


Where: 1763-America’s largest dungeon and A DeViant Place of Decadence


Cost: Prices starting as low as $20 or book the whole weekend for just $45.00 including the play party! ***This is not a misprint*** The entire weekend including the Bound to Play party for only $45.00!!!


Why: Education is fundamental in this lifestyle! Your community support and participation in community events allow these events to continue to come to you!

Check it out, I am sure you will be glad you did.


SELF “Podcast”

13 03 2008

The blog has spoken about SELF before (Southeast Leather Fest), a BDSM event held every year in the city of Atlanta. They have on their site something they call podcasts (they aren’t podcasts, podcasts you subscribe to and then are automatically downloaded each night on your PC, so you can listen to them each morning as they come out, very nice system). These audio interviews, which you can either download or listen to them on their web page, are available for free here. I really wanted to listen to these, I was so psyched about a podcast about the lifestyle (there are others, btw, and I intend to review them in time). I was EXTREMELY disappointed to see that they really don’t have podcasts, but audio interviews. If you are going to use a term, at least understand what it means.

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