Tales from the Sanctuary of a Dark Angel

Sorry I haven’t been posting as regularly as I should.  Being unemployed is a huge time sink. But this week I have something I wanted to share with you.  Please help out if you can.


Greetings everyone. I just wanted to take a moment of your time to request that you send stories to me of your experiences and memories of PEPAtlanta and the Sanctuary of a Dark Angel. For many years, these two dungeons were the birthplace and growth of many people in the community, many relationships and even some marriages. I want to write two books, one about each of these places and I want to write them from the words and experiences of all of you. The community is very different today than it was in those days and I want people to read these books and understand and feel what made these two places so special. We had our problems and our challenges and yes, feel free to write about them as well, but both Doug and I saw some wondrous things in those years. First, you must understand that each week we invited you into our homes, to share our knowledge as well as the knowledge of others, to provide support and a safe haven were you could be and discover who you were and where, if at all, you fit into this lifestyle. Doug used to look at me and laugh when he said that one day he opened his doors and a few kids came in and sat at his feet and then they brought a few more and when he looked again, there was a room full. It was the age before the internet and these facilities were discovered primarily from ‘word of mouth.’ Every week we would tell you to bring someone with you next week and many of you did just that, lol. PEP believed in Jill Carter’s “Each One, Teach One” theory and it soon became our motto. Reading all of the stories shared on the FetLife thread let me know that most of you have a ‘favorite’ story to tell of your times at both of these places. I am asking you to please send those stories to me so that I can share them with the world. My goal is to have both books in publication by 2013 which will we our 10 year reunion since the closing of both facilities in 2003. I will be sending everyone a release form when you submit your stories and also any pictures that you allow to be published. (If a photo is used with multiple people, I must have a release from all parties involved). Although there will be stories that include PEP and Sanctuary in them, please try to send me separate stories for each place because there will be two separate books.
The e-mail address for PEP’s stories is: pepatlanta@yahoo.com
The e-mail address for the Sanctuary is: Dougssanctuary@yahoo.com
I know that I can speak for Doug when I say that for us this was always about love and family and helping those into self-exploration. I’m sure that Doug will enjoy these stories as much as I. We want those who never had the opportunity to experience these two places to be able to do so through your words and experiences. I am especially looking for stories from those who were with us at the beginning, in those early days.
After Nancy left Atlanta, PEP was held at “the House of the Ladies Way”, then our first apt, then the house on Lavista Drive, then the house off Piedmont Road, behind the Hot Spot, then two locations on Armour Drive and finally at 1763 Montreal Circle. I would like stories from those that attended any of those locations. Please distribute this to anyone that you feel may be interested since many have moved and are no longer local. Thank you and always remember to……….
Keep Love in the Lifestyle Always,

Lady D


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4 thoughts on “Tales from the Sanctuary of a Dark Angel

  1. It is with a bro.ken heart that I am sharing that Master Doug (my big brother) passed away on 02/22/2022. I know he would have loved to hear from all of the old community

  2. Thanks for letting me know. It’s been so long and I’ve lost touch with so many marvelous people. He will be warmly remembered.

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