Great Article on Condom Fitting

Many people believe that one size fits all when it comes to condoms. That so isn’t true. I wasn’t bothered by it, but my slave noticed the the condoms I bought were too tight. We bought some new ones that were bigger, but I do wish I had ran across this sizeing chart article (free membership required) before then (though it hadnt been written). Read, learn, enjoy.


New Picture of a Previously Unseen Penis Structure.

Weird, just weird.  Apparently we have known about this structure for some time, but never seen it. I don’t normally like link linking to Gizmodo, but they have the story.


Study: Losers More Likely to Harass Women

This follows under Duh, and yes this is of more general interest than strictly BDSM or M/s, but I like to think I run a sex positive blog. Ars Technica reports that researchers discovered that women received harsher comments than men, not surprising and that people who tended to be the worst harassers were men who had the worst playing record.

Sad, but not surprising.


Sexual Fetish Researchers Categorize Fetish Popularity

Interesting study I ran across in the Guardian, where researchers downloaded discussions from fetish discussion groups, then spent 3 years analyzing them. Some crazy stuff there, but nothing really unexpected. Feet top the list, with body sizes next. Least favorite body fetish? Body odor. I didn’t know there was a fetish for that even

Oddest fetish? 2 were into pacemakers.

Check it out


Bluetooth Clit Stimulation Implant (WTF?!?)

Just a short thing for Friday, here is a bluetooth implant used to stimulate your clit.  Pretty expensive and apparently uses body heat for charging the device.

Might even be more fun if they made an app that remote controls it over the internet, eh? It is a neat body mod, if you are into controlling your slave like that.


NC Contemplates Same Legislation that Has Indiana Flummoxed

On the heels of the legislation that has Indiana wishing they had smarter legislators, NC Legislator Paul Stam (R) proposed House Bill 348 NC, or the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Last I checked religious freedom wasn’t a problem. Bigots and small minds was one though. If you live in NC, write your local representative. If you aren’t, make sure your state isn’t.


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