Is FetLife About to Go Out of Business?

The leather pride flag, which has become a sym...
The leather pride flag, which has become a symbol of BDSM and fetish subcultures. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw this question in the tech support forum on FetLife today. This sparked me to think about FetLife’s current situation. A few weeks ago JohnBaku announced that FetLife lost its relationship suddenly with it’s payment processor. Now if you read the full thread, you will see the end where iBill starts talking. To be honest, I don’t know who to believe about what happened. And I don’t care. It isn’t relevant to me and my life right now.

Now, I personally don’t think FetLife is going anywhere anytime soon. But it does beg the question what do I do if FetLife goes away.

FetLife has offered a unique opportunity to grow the Fetish and BDSM communities like nothing ever seen before. It allowed us to connect. It allowed us to exchange ideas. It allowed local communities to grow at an unbelievable rate.

It was a good thing.

But, is your community prepared for what happens if FetLife goes down? Will your munch group survive? Do you have people’s email? Do you have a website? Do you have contingency marketing plans? Don’t build your community only on the back of FetLife, instead leverage FetLife to market what you build.


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3 thoughts on “Is FetLife About to Go Out of Business?

  1. More importantly, what happens to our personal information, original and very sensitive content when or before FL disappears or is sold off? Nowhere in the FL legal mumbo-jumbo does it say that we actually own our own content and have sole authority (and responsibility) to decide where it goes and how it’s stored. This is an immense privacy, safety, and security issue.

    John Baku needs to address this before he bolts for the islands or a governental will. Most if not all civilized national governments have rules about this as do mainstream and company-owned web sites. This going south actually keeps me up at night nothwistanding that I deleted (I hope!) all sensitvie and identifying pictures and info.

    There needs to be a well-prepared plan, guarantees, remedies, optiions, all available in writing and viewable by all users.

    Please have someone from BitLove address this officially.

  2. I find this platform very hard to use I suffer from dyslexia and am brand new to an area can you offer help to explain why I can’t find anything in the Texarkana Texas or Arkansas Area that seems to have current dates

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