Topping from the Bottom: What Does It Mean?

My slave wrote about this a while back. But I have been reading others posts on FetLife, and I realized a lot of people are misinformed about what “Topping from the bottom” really is. I have seen far too many tops try to manipulate their partners by telling them inappropriately that they were trying to take control from the dominant by expressing themselves.  Frankly, that isn’t exactly what this means.

A dominant should not do this. Topping from the bottom can be a serious issue. But for some people, it is how their relationship is structured. Topping from the bottom is when the bottom directs how the scene or relationship goes. In a more traditional BDSM relationship (if there is such a thing), the dominant is in the one providing direction and control of the subs activities. In this situation a sub is “topping from the bottom” when they try to manipulate a dominant’s feeling to provide what that want. That is the issue here. Manipulation. typically we call this passive aggressive behavior. That is what makes it wrong.

A sub is well within their rights to let the dominant know what they need.  What they require in the relationship. A dominant needs to listen to this. They need to hear what the sub is saying.  And that isn’t topping from the bottom.

But sometimes Dominants try to manipulate their submissives too. This is equally bad. Subs, don’t fall for this trap. Doms, don’t pull it.


Update: This writing applies to all types of relationships. M/s, D/s, t/b. It doesn’t matter.

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3 thoughts on “Topping from the Bottom: What Does It Mean?

  1. what you are talking about is absolutely true in a D/s relationship but nearly entirely wrong in a true M/s relationship. You start by saying your slave then switch to saying the “sub” short for submissive. If you could please correct your word usage, no one would be confused about your topic, thank you and thank you for expressing your interest in the subject.

  2. I didn’t misuse language. I chose deliberately to be inclusive. Slave or sub both are appropriate. Your beliefs may differ, but don’t impose them on me and my views.

  3. So I am married to a very manipulative and controlling passive aggressive type who wants to bring this to our relationship but he would just be as you put it topping from the bottom and I hate this dynamic in our relationship I believe in asking for what you want not trying to manipulate control or punish to get it. He does not want to own his power so to speak but have me be responsible while he pulls the strings. Thoughts on this?

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