Managing a Successful Long Distance Relationship.

Last September, I did a brief presentation on how to make a successful long distance relationship. I gave this presentation because my slave lives in New Jersey and I live in North Carolina, a 10-12 hour drive. More recently, I have been asked about how to be successful over long distances by a friend. IContinue reading “Managing a Successful Long Distance Relationship.”

Service Book of Days 3/15/10

v Outside my window… (weather, what do you hear, what do you see?)  is darkness, coldness and rain.  The weather has not evened out yet but I can feel spring coming J. v my thoughts… are melancholy.  Went to clean out my sister’s apartment. Her life being sorted through and picked over. v Today’s Quote…ForeverContinue reading “Service Book of Days 3/15/10”

Mississippi Prom Cancelled Due to Stupidity

Normally I don’t talk about non-kink things, but I try to be sex positive. I support people of different sexual orientations and try to help out when I can. Others, well not so much. In Mississippi, a local school board was faced with a lawsuit over a lesbian and her date being prohibited from attendingContinue reading “Mississippi Prom Cancelled Due to Stupidity”

Service Book of Days 3/8/10

Outside my window… (weather, what do you hear, what do you see?)  the weather has been absolutely beautiful.  i was out this morning with a light jacket.  it felt really good to open up the windows and let some fresh air in.  i so love seeing and feeling the sun…i am like superman, i getContinue reading “Service Book of Days 3/8/10”