International Master and slave 2010 Announced

This past weekend saw the South Plains Leatherfest, International Master/slave Weekend, come and go. Two friends of mine won the International Master/slave competition. Congratulations (again) to Master Obsidian and slave namaste. For those of you unaware of the significance of this, I found this on the event’s web site.

The Owners/Producers of the International Master/slave Contest are committed to providing the leather/SM and Master/slave communities with an International Master and an International slave who will represent the M/s lifestyle with integrity and competence. The holders of the International Master and International slave titles will be seen as spokespersons for the Master/slave community, and as such, one of the most important attributes of the titleholders should be the ability to clearly and effectively communicate what it means to them to live and identify as Master and slave.

It is expected that the holders of the titles will take every opportunity to educate the leather/SM and M/s communities on the Master/slave lifestyle, and will actively seek out venues that will allow them to speak on Master/slave issues, whether that be through speeches, seminar presentations, participation on panel discussions, writing articles, etc.

The International Master and slave titles are not about a particular “look,” dress, body type, gender or sexual orientation. There is no required set of protocols that the International Master and slave are expected to follow.

Contestants at the International Master/slave Contest have competed at and won one of the regional Master/slave contests certified as official feeder contests by International.

Master Obsidian is one of the most in-depth thinkers I have know when it comes to TPE/IE. I have learned quite a bit reading his words and look forward to learning more.  Slave namaste was the mentor of my girl. She is an amazing person, who exudes grace, poise and spirituality.

Now to persuade CAPEX to bring them to town.


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