Leather Working 101: Basic Tools Pt. 3

Photo by Meralain on Flickr. Some rights reserved. Used per creative commons.

Ok, I have showed you how to cut, sew and put holes in leather, this time we are going to see some of the basic tools you need to add things to leather.

Rivets, Grommets and Conchos

When you have your leather cut, you need to do something with it.  Rivets are used to hold two pieces of leather together, or to hold some sort of cosmetic item in the leather. They come in a wide variety of shapes and appearances. You will need a mallet (which I discussed in pt. 2) and a rivet setter. This is used to strike the rivets and and set them in place. Basically you are causing a small piece of metal to deform lock into place with a metal holder.

Do not use them when safety requires a strong hold to bind two pieces of leather together. I find they are more for appearance sake. Instead, either sew (which I showed the tools needed in part 1) or use Chicago screws.

Grommets are used to reinforce a hole in leather. Use them when you want to run a rope or lace through a piece of leather where wear may affect it. Or use it for appearance sake too. You will need to use a grommet setter as well as your trusty mallet.

Conchos are very decorative items that are set using either screws or like a rivet. They are almost always to improve the appearance of the item, though they can hold the leather together as well.


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