Leatherworking 101: Basic Tools Part 2

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On Wednesday, I did a post on some basic leatherworking tools. Today I will continue with more basic tools to get you started on you leather working career.

Getting Punchy

One important technique for crafting leather items requires punching a hole through your hide. It is useful for making holes for eyelets, grommets, rivets and screws. I have a pretty basic rotary punch. It is useful for most situations, but I have already broken one (and don’t bother to try and fix it, they are cheap enough to replace). Still, it is a good option and one that I use a lot in my normal leather working.

Another option that I use are punch sets. Basically a tube with a screw on cutter. There are two sizes I have, a mini and a maxi. They both work very well, and can cut through the toughest leather. One not of caution: be carefully when changing cutters.  I have one that I have messed up. It still works, but I had to pick up a replacement tube.

You will also need a hammer. I have a nice poly headed mallet, and it has served my needs over the years. Still in great shape. Useful for driving your punches through the leather and other tools as well. Great for setting rivets, grommets and other things.More those later.

One more thing. I would strongly recommend using a rubber pad to protect your tools. I use one that is about 2”x2” and another one that is 12”x12”


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