Mz. Berlin Needs Your Help

In case you were un aware, Mz. Berlin is a fairly famous fetish/bondage model. She is also, in her words “a daughter, a sister, a friend and a mother.”

And she needs our help.

It seems that after a story in a San Franscisco weekly outted her (and did a hatched job on our Lifestyle), the father of her son decided to be a jerk. She needs our help in order to retain some level of custody of her son.

After our last conversation I decided that it would be in my child’s’ best interest to have an interstate child custody and visitation agreement drawn up. I have spoken to a lawyer and while the fees are a bit beyond my budget, they are not astronomical. If this case goes into litigation, they could become astronomical, but I’m hoping that this can be resolved with mediation.

In addition to the SF Weekly affecting my child visitation in the immediate and foreseeable future, it has also greatly affected my income. While dealing with the custody issue (as well as the SF Weekly issue) I have been too anxious and focused on fixing that to work, not to mention the fact that my ex-husband has been using that as emotional leverage. I realized yesterday after speaking to a lawyer,  that I don’t have to be afraid to work, but I think it would be best for me to perhaps work on my own productions until this has cleared. My anxiety is at an all time high because I feel like I’m on red alert with my son.

Right now it looks like the lawyer fees are going to run between 700 and 1500, as well as airfare and accommodations when I have to appear in court. If you could donate anything to my paypal account, the email is thefabulousmzberlin @ gmail dot com, it would be very helpful.  I can assure you that once I get back to work I will donate the same amount to both local and national organizations, including the NCSF, the ACLU and The Los Angeles Mission. Any donation amount, even $1 will help me offset the cost of this legal matter.  It will go directly to my case. I hate to ask for this kind of assistance and now wish that I would have avoided it by preparing for a worst case scenario instead of a best case scenario in my custody agreement.

If you can help her out, well it would be a nice thing.


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I am an over 50-year-old Lifestyle Master living near Charlotte, NC.

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