House of Void Collaring Ceremony for Esclave

21 01 2009

Thought that I would share my collaring ceremony that I used this past weekend with exclave. Please let me know what you think of it.

House of Void Collaring Ceremony

The room is lit by white candles, the collar rests on a black pillow placed on a table draped with a red cloth.

Master Void: “Welcome to My House.  I have invited you all here to celebrate with me the collaring of Rxxxxxx to Myself.
“In our lifestyle collaring can be virtual, represented by words typed on a screen.  Less often, a master will place a leather or metal band around the neck of his slave, in private.  Less frequently, friends are invited to witness a ritual of collaring.  Today,  that is what you will witness.
“I am glad that each of you could make it here today, and it warms my heart to see each of you and have you in my home.
“A collar, for those of us in the Lifestyle, represents a physical representation of the commitment that Rxxxxxx and I have pledged to each other. Today, you will bear witness to this commitment.

“I charge each of you to help preserve this commitment Rxxxxxxx and I are making today as we go into the world together”

Mastervoid: “Would you please bring in the slave?”

Mistress Menagé fetches esclave from the waiting area.

Master Void: “Slave, do you have anything you wish to say now?”

Esclave: “Wings

This is how the world is meant to be.

I commit myself to Sir knowingly and realistically.

I commit to my space with Sir during hard times and happy times

I make this commitment to him because with him I can fly free “


MasterVoid: “Assume the posture of the female slave.”

Esclave kneels; leaning back on her heels, her arms extended, hands resting on her legs, her head tilted down

MasterVoid: “Repeat after me. I, once named Rxxxxxx Gxxxxxx…

Esclave repeats this.

Master Void: “Herewith submit myself, completely and totally, in all things.”

Esclave repeats this.

Master Void: “ To him who is known as Jxxxxx Pxxxxxx, Master Void, of the House of Void…”

Esclave repeats this.

Master Void: “His girl, his slave, an article of his property, his to do with as he pleases.”

Esclave repeats this.

He then produces the collar.

Master Void: “If anyone wishes to object to my claiming this girl as my slave, speak now.”

If there are no objections, He places the collar about her neck and screws it shut.

Master Void: “I am yours, Master.”

Esclave repeats this.

“Who were you?” he asks.

She tells him her former name.

“What are you?” he asks.

“I am your slave, Master,” she says.

“What is your name?” he asks.

“Whatever Master wishes,” she answers.
Master Void takes a razor blade and makes a small cut on the left hand palm of esclave’s hand. NCMaster takes the blade and makes a similar cut in the hand of Master Void.  Void takes his hand and grabs the hand of esclave, mixing the blood from both.

Master Void: “We mix our blood, as we mix our lives.  Let no man sunder this bond.”

Master Void: “You are to be called Rxxxxxx Gxxxxxx, first slave of the House of Void.”

“Yes, Master. I am Rxxxxxxx Gxxxxxx, first slave of the House of Void.”.

Thus ends the Ceremony.

(©2009 by Master Void of the House of Void, all rights reserved)




11 responses

21 01 2009

Thank you for sharing the transcript of Y/your collaring ceremony MasterVoid. I wish we could have been there to share in your happiness. Congratulations and blessings upon your house.

21 01 2009

Thank you for the kind words Khepera. Take care of my girl when she is up there.


2 02 2009

What a wonderful virtual experience of a most sacred ceremony. I, through Your reflection, could definitely visualize the intimacy and passion of this moment, and thank You for allowing Me to partake.

I wish You and esclave a long and fulfilling journey.


18 03 2009
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[…] the ceremony and requests statements from both parties stating their commitments. In the case of my ceremony, I lead the ceremony, and had my esclave make her own […]

24 10 2009
Anne-Marie Bateman

This girl thought it was beautifull and only hopes that she will be as lucky one day soon

1 07 2010
Protected: Exchange

[…] to one another and to use it as a sealing of the bond. I did find a collaring ceremony such as this that involved the exchange of blood between the two members, but nothing that goes into it much […]

6 05 2012

That is exactly what the woman was made for. All good women know their purpose and are anxious to be collored. Superficial features, eg. age, size, appearances, etc. matter not. Her only purpose is to faithfully and joyfully serve her master who took possession of her. It is his honorable duty to protect her from all harm, care for her well, and make her a very happy enslave most of the time. Ultimately, she must know that despite her being made happy most of the time, there will be times she is put to hard use. That is hardly no different than any conventional unions. An enslave’s faith, commitment, endurance, and word are often put to the test by her master/owner during her lifetime. She has no choice but to accept her hardships joyfully and find herself duly rewarded for her staunch and faithful endurance. Enslaves are truly the most honorable of females and proud to have been taken possession of and lovingly collored.

4 12 2012
Marquis De Mazan

Good day to you Sir. I am Marquis_De_Mazan from ManilaFet. In a few months, i think to collar my sub Sakura Blossom. With your permission, I really would like to use your ceremonial (with some changes as she is my sub and not my slave). Thabk you in advance and Cordially Yours,

Marquis De Mazan

4 12 2012

Marquis, please feel free to use whatever you find useful here for your ceremony.

And the best of wishes to you and yours!

4 12 2012
Marquis De Mazan

Thank You very much Sir, we do appreciate 🙂


1 11 2014

beautiful ceremony Sir. i hope to have one as beautiful some day. thank you for sharing your moment.

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