Looking for Slave Silks?

10 12 2008

Well I found some nice ones.  Coquetry Clubware has a decent selection of slave silks inspired by the works of John Norman.  It appears that the styles change, and apparently they are all hand made.

I really think you should check them out.


Oh, and if you need some bangles for your slave….



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2 01 2011
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25 02 2011
Mikoto-Teishu's Kajira

S/sir, this one went to that site and it seems they no longer sell silks… is there any other places you can suggest?

this one would be pleased to hear from you.

25 02 2011

Interesting. I will see what I can find for you.

25 02 2011
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18 10 2011

I just found this site. Some of the stock photos are less than aesthetically pleasing, but the product looks to be solid.


31 12 2012
Jade Rose

Sir I’m looking for silks for a meeting for a first time encounter with my Master and i can’t seem to find anything. I would like some help if it can be given

31 12 2012

Sadly, I’ve not found anything to replace the kajira garments I originally linked to in this article. I do do a search from time to time, so I’ll see what I can find.

As an alternative, might I suggest a belly-dancers outfit (preferably one bought from a stripper store, so it can be removed quickly), supplemented by 7 scarves wrapped around your body in ways to both conceal and enhance your form. Either you can remove the scarves as part of a dance or he can take pleasure in unwrapping his prize.

4 01 2013
An Alternative Source for Kajira Outfits « The House of Void

[…] have been asked in the past for a replacement source for kajira outfits. The source I wrote about earlier is no longer making those types of outfits. I was asked recently if I knew of another source, and […]

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