National Day of Listening

While strictly speaking, the National Day of Listening isn’t directly a kink event. However, we do have a tradtion of creating prevertables.  I think that this event is highly pervertable, and very useful for our community. I hear a lot about building our community and our history.  This is your day to help.  Pick someoneContinue reading “National Day of Listening”

Better Late Than Never

Q-Tip is at CAPEX this weekend. Should be a nice presentation. CAPEX wants you to join us on November 22 for a must-see presentation by 2007 International Boot Black Q-Tip. “Bridging the Gap” Is our “pansexual” group TRULY pansexual? This is very interesting conversation about how to (and why) to bring together the various partsContinue reading “Better Late Than Never”

The Curious Case of Harvey Milk

On the way home today, I was listening to NPR where they had an interesting program about a man I had never heard of before: Harvey Milk. No technically, I am a little off topic because I have no direct connections between him and the Lifestyle.  However, as he was the first openly gay personContinue reading “The Curious Case of Harvey Milk”