The Enso by Orpheus Black

Today, I am passing this along. A friend posted it and I thought it would be a good fit for what I am doing here.

The Enso – Press Release – Final [A]

March 26, 2008

The Enso is more than a manual for subs and slaves. The material Orpheus Black gives us ranges from the practical to the profound. Initially he wrote The Enso for his own family and then so to speak, word got out. As he focuses on the much needed initial steps for a person beginning their journey into BDSM, the author also addresses topics relevant to all levels of experience.

The writing is succinct and evocative. Orpheus demonstrates his clear understanding of the difficulties, pleasures and ecstasies of the D/s relation. The Enso is dedicated to growth. This is what makes it such a valuable read. You will continue to benefit from its richness through time and experience. Orpheus knows the way of the poet. He skillfully blends his years of D/s experience with Eastern and classical Western views to reveal an original vision of wholeness within our lifestyle.

“Enso” is an ancient Japanese term that conveys the innate duality and wholeness found in service. It refers to the “No and Yo” duality of forces in Japanese that is similar to the more familiar Chinese “Yin and Yang.” Enso is primarily concerned with the clarity of mind and purpose that must evolve in artful service. Orpheus elaborates his views of this reality in parable, simple prose, and through the figures of the Priest, Poet and Warrior. These figures how three distinct and essential dimensions of commitment and service.

The Enso is a vital meditation on our way of life. In this volume you’ll find portions devoted to conflict resolution, together with ways to organize and process your experience. His focus on self-reflection will creatively enhance your capacities for giving. It will further increase your value in the eyes of the Dominant or Master you serve.

Most important the author sensitively provides you with the necessary steps to move beyond the illusions of a vanilla world and into your true self. Obviously this is a critical and significant task.

Orpheus is known for his powerful, highly skilled and sensual scenes. In the realm of BDSM performance he is an artist and innovator. He is the host of Fetish at Night on, and the founder of the Cirque de’ Sade. As you read The Enso you’ll hear the thoughtfulness that forms the backdrop of his compelling and widely appreciated scenes.

It is plainly evident that the author’s own creative struggles and private journey resonate throughout the pages of this book. His passions, missteps and losses generate the energy of this work. These insights provide the reader with a window to their own voyage and how best to prepare.

One afternoon a few of us gathered to review an early draft of The Enso. The energy grew as we shared our views and personal experiences. I’ll not forget that afternoon as Dominants and submissives spoke of our unique journeys with seriousness and laughter. I looked over at the author and noted his genuine surprise as The Enso came to life before his eyes. What had been intended as an intimate document for his family was transformed into a crucial touchstone for each of us within the group.

Quite beyond the crucial orientation and self-study that this book offers you, I suggest that it can be a powerful catalyst for group dialogues. The Enso amplifies and assists to clarify the realities of our lifestyle. It opens pathways to new beginnings and creativity. Perhaps obviously I believe it is destined to become a “must read” and classic in our community. No one will come away untouched by its wisdom and practicality.

Available June 2008

Orpheus’ next book “Playing with Fire” will be available late 2008

I am looking forward to this. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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