An Update for the Lair

Thought I would share this with you:

Good evening. This is an update from The Lair/The Cell Block It is with regret the Directors wish to inform the Adult Lifestyle Community that “The Lair” is closed and will not be opened again in THAT location. W/we also wish to inform all of Y/you that this has absolutely nothing to do with BDSM or any of the other activities W/we engage in. It appears that owning items such as “whips, floggers, corset’s, cuffs and a neck enclosure” are considered “adult toys” and as The Lair owned such items, even if they were locked securely in the office. It was deemed by Zoning that we are just as “Adam and Eves and Pricilla’s“. Those items when combined with two or more people are considered “adult entertainment”. It does not matter if those items were O/ours personally, it did not matter if W/we never used them on anyone, Zoning would still consider them “adult toys”. Zoning in North Carolina also states, “adult entertainment cannot be within 500 foot of any establishment that houses children or ANY residential area. Due to this information the Directors regret to say we have no choice but to close The Lair. Additionally even though The Lair will reopen, in a different place, different time, different location, this will take time. The Directors of the Lair will be contacting all sponsors in the near future. If you have question please feel free to contact me personally behind the scenes. The Directors of The Lair/The Cell Block/A Personal Touch, wishes to thank the community for your outstanding support during the grand opening and the opening of the business above. As always you were wonderful. See A/all of you very soon. ~*mysty starr*~

I wish them luck in reopening.


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