I apologize

Okay it is taking me way too long to write this due to the fact that I am doing my usual beat around the bush to avoid the issue or justify my actions in some way.    As Sir tells me sooner is better than later.Sir I need to apologize to you.

I have asked so much of you and have tested your love, care and dedication for not only me but my children to the point where today I almost put an end to us. Unthinkingly I asked you to accept just one more condition in our relationship. Still trying to control this relationship and forgetting the operative words…O/our relationship. It is not about me, I am not the only one giving up or adjusting their life for this relationship. From the moment we met I trusted you and felt safe with you.

Sir what can I do but beg your forgiveness. I beg your forgiveness for treating your feelings as if they didn’t matter. For totally taking your for granted and for thinking that whatever I wanted would be acceptable. This is not the relationship I want to have with you. I look for you to be my Master not on my terms but what is best for U/us and O/our relationship.

I love you Sir…I love you very very much.  You are a good thing in my life.  Someone I wish to be with for a long time.

Please forgive me for hurting you or for causing you any type of distress.

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submissive to Master Void

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