Southeast Leather Fest

Sir has asked that i post about the Southeast Leather Fest (SELF). Before this i only knew that this was an annual kink friendly event. During my research I have found that it is much more than that. The short description from Wikipedia (i love this site, you can find information on almost anything) SELF is an annual adult fetish event for the BDSM, leather and kink communities based in the United StatesSoutheast and centered in Georgia with regional and smaller related events held throughout the year. However the longer description for SELF is so much more than that. Interested in finding out more click here. If that has peeked your interest click here to go to their site.

Would love to hear your comments about SELF…drop me a line and let me know what you think.


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2 thoughts on “Southeast Leather Fest

  1. Sounds awesome. I’ve been to a few leather events and they are always good for education as well as a good time and a chance to meet like minded people. The only ones I’ve been to thus far is Thunder in the Mountains and Lupercalia.

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