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restored Tryon Palace, New Bern, NC
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Hi, Sorry I have been gone. Been wrapped up with marriage, starting a new job and a new edition of World of Warcraft. Let my writing here get behind.

During this time, a few thoughts have come to mind. I have been thinking a lot about our history as a sub-culture. I wrote before about the Leather History Museum in Chicago. Fantastic place, one I will have to visit some day. But there are so many things. We are so hidden as a sub-culture. We don’t want people to know about us. This causes many things to be lost. I implore you so save what you have and pass it along to the next generation (perhaps waiting until you can no longer be hurt by people that would miss use it) so that they can learn from what you have experienced.

An excellent example of this is the Carter/Johnson Library. They have amassed a collection of books, magazines and other memorabilia dating as far back as the 1700’s. I personally have seen this collection (it is a major attraction at BlackBEAT every year) and can literally spend hours perusing it. If you have the chance please do check it out. It is FANTASTIC.

An excellent opportunity for this will be happening next October when the North Carolina Leather History Conference takes place. The full details have not been released yet, but I do plan on attending with my slave.

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