Update on S&M (pay) Club Fiasco

An update on the story:

A retired math teacher from Quebec survived near-fatal sex play at a midtown bondage club but couldn’t tell investigators how he was injured, law enforcement sources said Monday.

The 64-year-old thrill-seeker had been found turning blue, hanging in a dungeon room at the Nutcracker Suite on E. 33rd St. Friday morning.

Well the saga continues here.

*Update* Found another link here.

His wife, who declined to give her first name, said, “I thank God that my husband is still alive.”

She asked a reporter to tell her the full story, and when it was finished, she said, “Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe this.”

[Edited] was taken to the hospital at 1:25 a.m. Friday after he choked and turned blue while wearing a hood and being trussed up in an S&M contraption called “the wheel” at the Nutcracker Suite, a pain palace on East 33rd Street.

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