Ethical Poly

I have a friend who asked a question a while back about ethical poly.

2. Being in accordance with the accepted principles of right and wrong that govern the conduct of a profession. See Synonyms at moral

She mentioned that not doing anything that staying true to the parameters set between her and her top in their search for a third, no matter how she may feel about it or want it, is what is important to her.


I believe that ethics like morals will be something that is extremely personal and the answers will be different for everyone.  But I think we can agree that somethings have pretty set rules for right and wrong (sex with kids, murder, lying (I know there are degrees of lying but it’s still lying)

I think in poly relationships, seeing how there are so many variations, that agreeing to the what would be right and wrong to do for everyone involved would be something set up front.   When that line is crossed however and two are okay with it but the third is not what happens to the relationship?  Can it survive?  I know many say that the Master is the head of the dynamic and what he says should be the deciding factor but what happens when the Master is okay with what is happening to the detriment of the third?

I think those who are involved in poly relationships are very interesting and I have to control myself to not inquire too much into their relationships so that they don’t feel like specimens under glass…lol

I mean how do you deal with emotions that come up when the sub is married to a vanilla person who is not “into” the lifestyle as deep as the sub.  What happens when the sub has a Dom?  Who is responsible for keeping the subs vanilla relationship intact, Dom or sub?

I would attend a seminar or class that delves deeply into poly relationships.  Since Master and I will be adding someone to our relationship I would really like to hear how others deal with issues of time, different styles of poly, etc.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts and queries.  Anyone wishing to add to this please feel free to share your thoughts as well.


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2 thoughts on “Ethical Poly

  1. Having been a poly that went sour, and i was the wife or the longest one that knew him, 8 years. i dealt with jealousy, outbursts, passive aggressive behaviors, back stabbing, and a constant change in the dynamic of the poly.

    My Daddy is poly, also but it is different, i would love to explain the differences

    if you want details contact me off list.

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