A Few Thoughts

It has been an interesting couple of months. My slave moved in, I’ve been sick. My current job was ending. Time passed.

I got better. More or less. At least as healthy as I was before.

My slave is here. There are adjustments I have had to make. Adjustments she has had to make. There are others we have to keep in mind (her kids). I think the hardest part is that we were used to being on our own.

But, we are making it. One day at a time.

It is a journey. My hand in hers. A process.

One that has to succeed.

Published by Master Void

I am an over 50-year-old Lifestyle Master living near Charlotte, NC.

2 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts

  1. Glad you are feeling better and yes, there are adjustments to be made, but you are going at it in the right way, hand in hand a day at a time. My best to both of you. Have been following you all the way through your journey together and will continue to follow and send positive thoughts and wishes your way.

    Mistress Celia

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