Service Book of Days 7/18/11


Once a week on Monday you will respond to the above prompts.. more is better. Post your response on your blog or website.


Mention the blog (service savoir faire) and offer a link back to the main page of the blog. This way others can participate in the project as well!


So now that you know how, please feel free to join me. :)


Today was a really good day.  I think this move has helped me put everything in perspective.  Work doesn’t stress me  out and actually I feel like I am better at my job now that I have made the decision to leave…lol

I realize stuff with us won’t be easy but I also know without a doubt that they won’t be hopelessly hard either.

I am learning to not be passive aggressive about things when I don’t get my way.  To really take a Zen approach about things.

I am really thankful for this opportunity and for sushi.  I love really good sushi.

Tonight I am wearing a white tank top and some comfy pants

You know this distance between Master and i have not been easy.   We both cope.  For me waking up alone and going to sleep without him next to me just makes these coping things feel useless.

I wrote these words to Master in the petition I gave to me him to be his slave:

Your very breath soothes my soul.

Your presence calms and settles me.

My heart is safe in your hands.

I kneel knowing that with you I can stand.   (Author, MV’s esclave, 2007)







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