Marriage and M/s (Cohabitation)

So Master and I are finally realizing our dream of moving in together this year. yay

This should be an interesting transition for us.  For me mostly.

The one thing that I will need to remember is that Master is in control.

Thinking about it this should not be a hard thing to remember but reality is different and funny sometimes.

I am the type of person that will do what needs to be done.  Actually that was one of the many things that my parent’s stressed when i was growing up.  Always do what you have to do.  So things need to get done and I want to do them.  No waiting just do them.    Living alone for so long I had no one else that I needed to get input from or to wait on when things needed to get done.  I would find out what to do and do it.

Being able to get things done is both a strength and a weakness for me.  One of the reasons that I am of service to Master is because of this skill.  This skill however is now under his control.  My “get the job done” attitude needs to be tempered to not trying to be in control.  Along with no passive aggressive sulking or sarcasm.  (I have definitely learned that sarcasm is a no no).

So when I say that I need to remember that Master is in control.  I need to remember that the buck doesn’t stop with me anymore and that my word is  not the final word when making decisions in this relationship.

This will take a change in perspective and to learn a new skill of presentation.

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